What Makes a Good Personal Injury Attorney?

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Attorney?


We believe an experienced trial attorney helps make a good personal injury attorney. Paul has won numerous jury trials throughout Montana. His clients have received millions of dollars in personal injury settlements during the 25+ years he’s been practicing law. With experience in a variety of complex civil and criminal cases, his work has been recognized by judges, other attorneys, clients, and independent agencies. That same commitment to quality and ethics carries through to all members of Paul Ryan's team.

Record of Success:

A law firm in Montana with a successful track record will often obtain stronger settlements because of their past successes. With experience, comes the knowledge of how insurance companies and handle claims. This aids in successful settlements because our attorneys are able to develop an effective winning strategy based off previous encounters with insurance companies and adjusters.

Understanding the criminal side during a PI Case:

Because our firm also practices criminal defense, Paul and Angie are well-rounded attorneys in both sides of a personal injury case. Our attorneys have knowledge of how a criminal cases moves through the system. It is advantageous that we know judges and attorneys on that side and have developed relationships with them that could benefit our clients’ cases. Understanding how the criminal side of a civil case will proceed allows us to better guide our client and help them make decisions on their case.   

Angie’s Background in Biology:

Angie’s degree in biology gives her an intimate understanding of the medical field, which is helpful in personal injury and medical negligence claims. She dives deep into the medical records of every case and can understand expert reviews very well. Her deep understanding of complex medical issues allows her to better communicate to our clients regarding their specific injuries and needs. Further, she is able to thoroughly explain to opposing counsel, adjusters, mediators, juries and judges’ complex issues in ways they will understand and fully comprehend.

Talented Litigators/ Negotiators:

A talented litigator/ negotiator knows when to bend and when to fight. These skills are crucial in maximizing the best possible outcome for a case. It is our belief that a good personal injury attorney must be a good negotiator. Our attorneys pride themselves on being fierce yet reasonable negotiators.


It is important that your attorney is available when you have a question about your case or need their services. It is also crucial that their staff is readily available to update their clients on their claim. At Ryan Holloway & Miller, our staff is always willing and available to talk to our clients about their claims.



Communication with one’s attorney is key for a client to feel confident in the work of their attorney and his/her staff. With lack of communication comes uncertainty, frustration, and loss of faith in the work of the attorney. Ryan Holloway & Miller offers a 24/7 answering service, so your call will never be missed. Our staff routinely checks on all our clients to check in with them and fill them in on the progress of their case.



It is important to find an attorney that carries out all their actions with utmost professionalism. Their legal services should always be in line with the best practices of the Montana Bar Association. An attorney should handle each client and case with care and sincerity. They should have a passion for seeking the best possible settlement and outcome for each client. Our attorneys are always working to put forward the best interests of our clients. We work hard to stay informed as the legal industry adapts and changes and keep a high level of professionalism in all of our work.