Think Before You Post!

Think Before You Post!

It’s tempting to load your social media platforms with every picture, thought, or crazy occurrence that comes to mind. Most of us think that these online environments keep us protected from the consequences of the real world. However, even on the web, everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


That Catchy Tagline, is it Worth it?

You’re driving one night in the middle of winter and spin off the road. The cause of the accident was the icy road, and there was nothing you could have done differently to stop it. At this point, insurance should cover any damages to your car, depending on the plan you pay for.


After you realize you’re going to be ok, you snap a picture of your car and caption it “Guess I should stop drinking and driving, haha!” You think you’re being funny – but your insurance company does not. One snapshot in a moment of weakness could put a major roadblock between you and getting the coverage you need, and it makes the case much more difficult for your attorney.


Evidence Trail

Your social media, whether private or public, is a record of your actions for the world to see. It is crucial to keep your posts as limited and un-incriminating as possible. You can do a good amount of damage to your case, just by being careless online.


A good example of this is the Romano vs. Steelcase Inc. case back in 2010. Kathleen Romano claimed to be housebound and bedridden due to the injuries she sustained while working. When Steelcase Legal time investigated her public social media, they found evidence that Ms. Romano was not confined to her bed. After petitioning the courts to grant access to her private social media accounts, they confirmed their suspicions that the plaintiff was not injured to the extent she claimed.


Insurance adjusters and opposing councils will routinely check your social media to see if there are any posts that they can use against you. Be careful! They are looking to diminish your claim and give you less than you deserve.


Should I Post This?

If you are asking this question, the answer is probably no. However, if you would like further assistance, feel free to contact us here at Ryan Holloway & Miller at (406) 542-2233 for legal advice.